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 P721Q will be using each of our sites to maximize opportunities for ALL our students. The focus at each site will be:

Main Building
Ages 14-16:
Pre-vocational skills within the building, social skills, functional reading and  mathematics, full range of related services, vocational assessments.
Ages 16-18: Introduction to Community-Based Instruction with authentic work opportunities, travel training, related services at school or job site with goal to phase out the services where appropriate, building on independence.
Ages 18-21: Our goal will be for our students to attend a “virtual school” and to go directly to work sites via the borough transition center (Queens School For Career Development/P752Q). Students will have an opportunity for a minimum of 3-5 different work experiences and the design of a resume and employment portfolio. 

Maspeth Campus HS
Ages 14-21:
Academics based on functioning levels of performance, with an oportunity to participate in pre- work study programs housed with in the Maspeth Campus building.

Information Technology HS
Ages 14-21:
Academics based on functioning levels of performance, with an opportunity to participate in the Inclusion Program. Some of our work study programs will be based at Information Technology HS. They will travel using public transportation and for the most part, they will all be independent travelers. Academic instruction for work study students will continue either at their worksite and/or in Information & Technology HS classrooms.

Queens College
Ages 18-21:
Students who demonstrate appropriate skills, including vocational skills, work study and travel training, will have the opportunity to work full time and participate in academic instruction through Queens College.

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