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Spectrum Academy Overview

Spectrum Academy prides itself upon a nurturing environment, a warm supportive family of dedicated teachers who envision a scope where there is no limit to what students can achieve. The Spectrum team, teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents, takes pride in a partnership encompassing academic success, self respect, and community service.

The Spectrum learning environment centers upon effort and academic rigor. Teachers promote and support high levels of task-related effort, instilling within students a belief that challenges are solved by strong effort. Students are motivated to reach a higher level of thinking, to accept the challenge of a difficult book; to solve a math problem from a different perspective. Recognizing what they can accomplish, Spectrum students continue to broaden their scope of knowledge.

Although a challenging program consistent with citywide and state standards for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, minor subjects give students a chance to explore other fields and discover their talents. Modern technology is an integral part of all disciplines and an appreciation for the Arts includes drama, Shakespeare in the Schools, art, Doing Art Together, dance, step team, and band class. In addition, Spectrum Academy places emphasis upon the development of the well-rounded person. Students participate in community service, Buddy Reading at P.S. 257, Penny Harvest, City Food Drive, Toys for Tots, Warming up the Bronx, and camping at the Manice Environmental Center in Massachusetts.

Spectrum students have attended a variety of high schools. Our focus is upon individualized placement, recognizing each student's unique talents and needs. Academic advisors in conjunction with our guidance counselor have guided students in the high school selection process. High school acceptances include: Stuyvesant, The Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Technical High School, Fiorello Laguardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts, Fashion Industries, Art and Design, Academy for Arts and Sciences, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis International Careers, Flags, Lehman, Clinton Macy, Manhattan Center, Aquinas, Cardinal Hayes, Monsignor Scanlon, and many others.

Admissions criteria to Spectrum for grades 6 and 7 include level 3 performance on standardized reading and math exams, high levels of effort and achievement, good conduct and leadership ability, 90% or better attendance rate, and recommendations from teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators.

If you share the Spectrum vision of learning where there are no limits to what students can achieve, please contact Mrs. Anne Piotrowski, assistant principal, at (718) 584-2330, Ext. 424 or e-mail at apiotrowski@ms118.org.

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