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History of Highlights

Ezra Jack Keats Book Contest

Sixth grader, Nikko, won his second Ezra Jack Keats bookmaking contest!


CASA Grant

This spring our students participated in CASA, the Cultural After School Adventure program.  This program allowed us to partner with the Hall of Science in a three part series of science lessons achieved by video conferencing.  As Ms. Buckley and Ms. Kris led the students on our end, Mr. Anthony Negron provided instructions and information straight from the Hall of Science! CASA is an initiative of the City Council that provides funds to cultural institutions around the five boroughs enabling them to provide services to children at no cost to the schools.  New York City is a cultural capital with institutions ranging from zoos and botanical gardens to art museums, theaters and hands-on science centers.  CASA makes it possible for students to experience these great institutions and develop an appreciation for learning in informal environments.

Music Memory

Mrs. Samo has led our fourth and fifth graders to a SILVER MEDAL  at the Music Memory competition this past May at NYU!  Thank you to Mrs. Samo for working with our students all year long to get them ready to answer some really tough questions that relate to various music genres!  

Wax Museum

This year the theme of the Wax Museum was birthday buddies! Each student researched about a famous person with their same birthday, and then created a costume representation to wear for the Wax Museum.  Visitors could view the "wax" statues in Mrs. Rubman's room and then ventured right next door to the computer lab.  Ms. Buckley welcomed guests into the lab to view the powerpoint projects  about each wax museum character.  These self running presentations were complete with sound, video clips, historically based comics, and extensive research! 

Cranes for Japan

Parent volunteers taught the students how to make origami cranes. Over 2000 paper cranes were made in the classrooms and were sent to a school in Japan.  In addition P.S. 139 had a cupcake sale and raised funds that were donated to the American Red Cross and the Parents' Association raised funds that were sent to the Japan Society to help the victims of the earthquakes and the tsunami.


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