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Bronx Lab School: Three Big Rocks

An Introduction


College Achievement

Use diverse student data to drive student achievement


·         By 2014, 80% of students will earn a 65% or higher the first time they take the Regents.

·         Revise College Portfolios to include 4 year academic plans

·         Create a recruitment plan for incoming 8th graders

·         Organize and celebrate 4th Annual College March Madness


Classroom Practices

Students understand learning outcomes and assess their own learning against these

·         Ensure that all lessons have clear and worthy Mastery objective posted for every lesson

·         Assess students against those objectives

·         Align Gateway Projects and Capstones to CCSS

·         Roll out  DDI (Science, Math, & ELA)

·         Continue PLTS and start them earlier in year

·         Continue to expand the Independent Reading Program


Culture, Climate, & Community

Adults and students live by a code of conduct aligned to the school’s mission, vision, and values.

·         Continue the BLS 5

·         Continue the “100% Respect” campaign

·         Strengthen Advisory-Continue a 9th Grade Advisory Curriculum & Introduce a 10th Grade Advisory Curriculum

·         Continue the many school wide celebrations

·         Hold  a September School Wide Assembly

·         Increase parent participation at school events and parent teacher conferences.

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