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Community Service

Community Service

Vision and Rationale

The vision and mission of our school is to prepare our students to become community conscious and future leaders. In order to achieve that goal every student is required to complete a community service project every year. In this way, the student from from early childhood to middle school begins to know their community, its needs and strengths. They also begin to see themselves as contributors to the health and well being of their community.

Student leaders

The seventh graders, once installed as student leaders, are assigned, in teams, to specific classes from Kindergarten to sixth grade. Each teams’ purpose is to plan, coordinate and execute a community service project with the assigned class.


After the November induction of the student leaders their first month in operation is December. Therefore, from December to June the planning and coordinating of the community service projects takes place.

Month         Task

December:    Orientation
                    Introduction of student leaders
                    to class/students.         

January:        Brainstorm project ideas with class

February:      Decide on project idea

March:          Develop plan to execute project

April:            Conduct Projects

May:             Finish projects and evaluation

June:             Conduct Pupil Attitude Survey


Some of the projects that have been conducted in the past are: letters to soldiers, fund-raising to purchase gifts for cancer patients in pediatric ward, planting flowers in local park, assist in food pantry, serve meals to the homeless, teach computer literacy to senior citizens, perform at senior citizen center, tutor in after school program, participate in Habitats for humanity project. Each year new ideas for community service opportunities are generated and researched to assess the viability of conducting said project.


Web sites helpful as resources are:



Eighth Graders Community Service

All eighth graders are required to complete 50 hours of community service outside the school environment for graduation.

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