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School Vision and Mission 2014-2015


The Jackie Robinson School will strive to be a consistent and stable learning institution in the community. We envision a school where all students can master the standards. All of the stakeholders in our school community will be valued and will have a vested interest in the successful outcomes all of the students. Our school values enrichment activities as being just as important as academics. Students will have repeated experiences to demonstrate their talents in the arts and also be given opportunities to develop new talents.

At the Jackie Robinson School, students, teachers, and the community view themselves as leaders and empowered citizens that value the responsibility associated with leadership. Our school will be the foundation in our community that will be supportive and encourage lifelong learners. Our school will continuously focus on math, science, literacy and technology, and ensure that they are fully integrated into all subject areas. The Jackie Robinson School will work diligently to become the best elementary school in Brooklyn and eventually be ranked amongst the top schools in New York City.


Our mission is to work in partnership with community-based organizations to prepare students to achieve their personal best, and fulfill their responsibilities to the community as active lifelong learners. As our motto states, “Excellence is our only option,” it is our ultimate goal to collaborate with local community-based organizations to cater to the total development of every child. We also subscribe to the belief that our school must become a learning community that helps to develop meaningful relationships with families. Our partnership with the Community Learning Support Organization (CLSO) will help build bridges between our school and the Crown Heights community.

Education and development of the whole child is always a priority at the Jackie Robinson School. We are committed to giving our students a high quality, first class Public School education by differentiating instruction, integrating math, science and technology into all subject areas, and designing learning opportunities based on the unique needs of each student. By promoting academic rigor, high expectations and repeated opportunities to excel, students will experience success throughout the school year with the creation and implementation of individualized instructional plans. The members of the Jackie Robinson School community will work diligently to create a positive, nurturing, and empowering learning environment. We will encourage our students to become risk takers and innovators while becoming positive contributing members of our society. With consistent collaboration and systematic planning, and a supportive administration, our students will be able to compete academically with top students in NYC, our nation and the world. While maintaining and developing relationships with the community, our neighborhood will be encouraged to actively share our vision and mission.

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