School Mission and Philosophy

721M serves a diverse student population of high school age students.  Students attending 721M may have learning and emotional challenges; pervasive developmental disorder and/or limited mobility.

Our mission is to:

    all stakeholders toward independence by preparing them to be productive and contributing members of society by providing them with...

    to have a dynamic educational environment based on 'best practices' for a meaningful and enriched academic, social and occupational/work experiences which address ...

    to adult life through a coordinated set of activities, identified skills and competencies necessary to support students' preparation for the world of work, community living and recreation by establishing effective..

Communication and Collaboration 
    amongst students, parents and professionals, to establish and assess the abilities, interests, preferences and needs of our students.  We will use data to drive instruction and document successful student outcomes.  Toward this end we must...
    Change instructional practices to use a variety of curricula, instructional methods, approaches and techniques to improve student outcomes.
    Our Challenge will be to embrace and implement any necessary changes that will improve our practices and ...
    Commitment to support each other and implement the use of data to drive all instructional decisions.

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