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Afterschool Programs

The Robert E. Simon School has a standing relationship with various after school programs. While we do not control or manage any of the following programs, we have established a pick up service with the major programs our children participate in. This relationship enables parents to register their children in an after school program that will pick their child up from school and deliver the child to the after school program of their choice.

There are numerous different after school programs that vary in services they provide. To find one that meets your individual needs, please contact the out of school service providers.

YMCA @ PS 165

234 West 109th Street

New York, NY 10025

212 749-8500


YMCA @ PS 165 is an after school program designed to allow children to learn and grow through academic and recreational based activities.  Participants are given specific times to read, complete all homework and receive extra academic support from YMCA trained counselors.  Participants also receive a daily snack as well as an opportunity to participate in various athletic and non athletic activities.


Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA

176 West 105th street

New York, NY 10025

2122 740-8500


Day camps have been a tradition at the Grovesnor Neighborhood House YMCA for many years.  Here, summer cams provide children ages 5-13 with years the chance to learn new skills, have fun and make new friends.  All of GHNY’s camps include careful supervision by a well trained and professional camp team.  A variety of activities such as swimming lessons, sports, arts and crafts, field trips and family programs help make camp a success.  GHNY offers summer Camp (ages 5 to 10) and Strong sister/ Strong Brothers United Camp (ages 11 to 13).  Strong Sisters United and Strong Brothers United Camp features a unique preteen experiences that include cooking, swimming, photography, and a stickball program.  Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.  Call for more information and a camp brochure. 


ACT program

1047 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY 0025

212 316-7530


The Act Program is one of the few programs within the five boroughs that can boast of its spacious grounds, a year round program, extended hours and services for a wide range of age groups.  In the summer, there is no need to bus your child away from home in order to be out in the sun, around the trees and flowers.  Our 13 acre oasis in Manhattan allows children to garden, play in fields, meet outdoors, eat under the shade of cherry trees, play in gymnasiums and use crafts rooms.


PAL Armory

216 Ft. Washington Ave

New York, NY  10032

212 927 0306


PAL Armory offers arts and crafts, homework help, music and dance, sports, computer classes, In-STEP, community service, mentoring program and more.  Please contact this center for more information regarding these programs.



Harlem Children Zone @ Booker T. Washington

103 West 107th street

New York, NY 10025

212 866-5579


Harlem Children Zone at Booker T. Washington offers a wide variety of programs for different age students throughout the upper west side community.  Children who participate has access to a computer lab with new computers, three printers and a large screen television monitor; where they can receive computer training.  Harlem Children Zone also offers a wide variety of recreational activities.  These programs include basketball, soccer, volleyball, salsa dancing, football, double-dutch, cheerleading, and an annual Hotshot basketball and Softball tournament in which inner city teams participate.



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