Our Mission 

   We at PS 209 believe that all children can learn if provided with the necessary tools. We believe that differentiating instruction to meet the needs of varied learners is essential.

          We believe that all students must be provided with rigorous instruction, as well as challenging materials rooted in non-fictional texts in order to become college and career “ready.”

         By providing our students with curriculum rooted in the NYS Common Core Standards, our students will meet the challenges that lie ahead in a competitive collegiate and career- minded world.


Instructional Focus

           All Staff at Public school 209 focus on students’ comprehension of non-fiction texts and to that end; students will demonstrate their knowledge through writing across the curricula.

          Growth will be measured by grade level assessments, periodic assessments and culminating activities.


School Wide Best Practices

*Core Instructional time will be dedicated to students engaging in rich rigorous evidence based conversation

*Instruction in reading comprehension will include the incorporation of complex texts which build students’ exposure and knowledge of both academic and domain specific vocabulary.

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