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The mission of the FORWARD School of Creative Writing (FORWARD) is to teach, train and prepare the next generation of writers of poetry, prose, plays (screen and stage), song and journalism using creative and expository writing as the vehicle through which our students can: 1) express their thoughts in an academic process that values and supports their passion across the curriculum; 2) understand connections between their strengths and related professional opportunities; and 3) meet and exceed their peers in city and State assessments. FORWARD believes that any student who possesses a love of writing, regardless of learning level or background, has the propensity to achieve innumerable goals through the process of mastering literary skills linked with hands-on productivity and technology. FORWARD's students will produce, stage, and perform original works that reflect the learning standards outlined by the New York State Board of Regents. Student will first express their ideas as written works before showcasing them through Performances, Portfolios, Productions, Presentations or Projects (the five "P's").
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