Academic Overview

We believe that no student should "fall through the cracks," and therefore every student is assigned an advisor. Staff members work as advisors and are directly responsible for a small group of students. Advisors will seek to address the needs of the "whole student" by forming a relationship with students' families and monitoring their attendance and academic progress. Students and their families also meet regularly with teachers to discuss student progress.

One of a Kind Curriculum
BCHS not only teaches the core fundamentals of high school academics but also strives to enrich our students with an awareness of culture, community and leadership. By engaging students with topics and issues that directly influence their lives, teachers spark a desire to learn in our students. With a mostly African American and Latino population, teachers address cultural and community concerns and apply them to their lesson plans. As a result, students excel in their classes because there is a genuine interest and what they learn directly applies to their personal realities.

BCHS offers curriculum that is both interesting and relevant to the lives of our students. Traditionally, students fail to see the connection between what happens in the classroom and what occurs in their own worlds. Outside of school, the world is not neatly categorized into subject areas for an allotted period of time. Our curriculum demonstrates relevancy in the lives of our students. In an effort to make the curriculum alive and valid, connections are made between what happens in the classroom with what happens once our students leave. This is an authentic education, an education with real world application. Our curriculum builds on our students' cultural background rather than attempting to lump together or counteract them. Curriculum development is a coordinated, building-wide strategy. We believe that the hidden curriculum in many of our student's former schools have been a powerful contributor to the failures of our students. To meet the curriculum needs of our student population, BCHS offers courses in African History, Latin American Studies, Poetry, Crime fiction, Pottery, Film, Speech and Debate, Urban Studies, Civil Rights and Slavery. Even within "set" curriculum such as Mathematics, we have been able to incorporate relevant real world applications such as budgeting and financial literacy.

To take it a step further, we encourage our students to empower themselves outside of the classroom and disseminate knowledge they have gained into their communities. BCHS has a mission to ensure everyone who walks through our doors receives a high school diploma. However we also feel obligated to create leaders who will move mountains in our society.

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